Why Keeping Our Skin Moisturized Is The Best Thing You Could do for Your Skin

Why Keeping Our Skin Moisturized Is The Best Thing You Could do for Your Skin

Treat Your Skin with the love of moisturisers!

Skin care routines are an absolute essential to maintain a clean and glowing skin. One of the best ways you can have for your skin is to moisturise it religiously. It might sound simple but a dry skin can cause more damage than one can imagine.

Skin that is not moisturised frequently get dry, feels tight and looks ashy. This is because it is losing water at a pace faster than it can generate on its own. Dry skin attracts irritated skin and leaves blotches that can make the skin look uneven and dull. Eventually, your skin will attract more pollutants than a moisturised one.

Who should moisturise their skin?

Moisturising the skin is important for all age groups. When we are younger our skin is firm and elastic but this changes as we age. The habit of keeping the skin moisturised is best started early on so that we retain this when it is needed the most.

If you use make up, you would have noticed that a hydrated skin has a charm to it that enhances the makeup further. People who moisturise often look stunning with make up because the skin acts as an effective base for application of beauty products. A lot of individuals who do not use a fine layer of moisturiser under the makeup tend to be adversely affected by harsh makeup chemicals.

One can also find visibly reduced acne by moisturising the skin. It is now unknown that acne gets worst with our skin losing the required moisture.

How moisturisers help?

Since now we know that everyone needs a moisturised skin, it is also good to know how it works. A moisturiser does not just add water back into the skin but it also locks the water. This becomes a layer of water which would otherwise evaporate from the skin and leave the skin to crack and flake. This layer causes the skin to look even, hydrated and healthy.

On a lighter note, fragrant moisturisers also feel refreshing and pampering oneself with some care is a great idea for maintaining one’s well-being. There are many natural moisturisers in the market that are healthy for the skin. Reshé All-Natural Whitening & moisturising Cream is all natural and helps Minimizing acne and breakouts, it reduces the appearance of pore size, defends skin against sun damage and pollution and creates smooth, flawless and younger-looking skin.

If you would like to know more about effective skincare products and routines to refresh your knowledge, read and follow Reshé recommended daily skincare regimes for a supple glow that lasts.

Remember moist skin is a happy skin!