After a Tiresome Day.. Mask it Up- The Real Deal Behind Sheet Facemasks

After a Tiresome Day.. Mask it Up- The Real Deal Behind Sheet Facemasks

You know something is in vogue when you see Kendall Jenner or Victoria Secret’s Angel post Instagram stories about it. While Jenner signed autographs in sheet masks, Jimmy Fallon too couldn’t resist showing them off. Off late, a lot of celebrities and beauty bloggers are swearing by these sheet masks. Unlike the traditional masks which have been around since centuries, the sheet masks are newbies. Nevertheless, their popularity is such that there is a standalone mask bar in New York. Here are a few facts about the latest Korean beauty fad.

What Are Sheet Facemasks?

Made from a cloth-like paper, a sheet mask is something like a gel which is packed with all good for skin ingredients. It’s sticky and a little messy but as the beauty gurus claim, it’s like beauty sleep. When you don’t have time to go to the salon, just stick the sheet mask on your face for 15-30 minutes and it will supply your skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential nutrients. The whole USP of these masks is their convenience, ease of use and how you can multitask while wearing these.

Are These Hygienic?

Yes, absolutely. These come in disposable packaging and you can throw them away after one use.

Is It Better Than Regular Masks?

Although there are no scientific trials to back the statement, a sheet mask is definitely better than no mask. It is cheaper than a trip to salon and is much handier as compared to a regular mask. Although skincare specialists recommend using sheet masks twice or thrice a week, you can even use them every day. Above everything, if you’ve ever glued one to your face, you know it’s an instant dose of relaxation. In today’s microwave culture, sheet masks boost to your skin, providing healthy and instant glow.

What If My Skin Is Sensitive?

Well, as a precautionary measure, you should try it on your arm or wrist before sticking it to your face. Nevertheless, most commercially available sheet masks have variants which are suitable for sensitive skin. You can try the Instant 5-in-1 Glow Mask from Australian wellness brand, Reshé. Most of these masks have natural ingredients which are rarely harmful.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Not really. Just make sure that you apply these sheet masks for maximum thirty minutes. The mask supplies your skin with hydration and once it’s dry, it can also remove moisture from your skin. Follow the instructions written behind the mask and you should be good to go.

The 100s Of Masks Confuse Me. Which Is The One For Me?

The only masks I know of are doctor’s facemasks, but trust me, it isn’t that hard. Most companies make a variety of masks, suitable for different skin types or one mask suitable for most skin types. The chief purpose of the sheet is to hydrate your skin and it’s more about the serum-soaked gel sheet than about anything else. RESHÉ's Instant 5-in-1 Fruit Mask provides antioxidants in addition to hydration. There are other masks which are designed for specific purposes such as bubble masks, collagen infused sheets, clay masks etc.

Watch this space for more information on newer products!