A Beginners Guide: Eye Massagers

A Beginners Guide: Eye Massagers

A simple eye massage works wonders even in the most terrible of headaches or when you have had a terribly exhausting day. It also goes a long way in reducing wrinkles and eye strain. However, it’s not all so easy to spare time and money for that trip to salon. With umpteen advancements in skin care products, these portable and handy eye massagers can actually be carried in your handbag and you can get the massage you need, whenever and wherever.

There is a wide variety of eye massagers available in the market these days. A kind of innovation which isn’t essential yet if you look at what it can do for you, it’s quite fascinating.

Pain Relief

For those who suffer from chronic headaches, facial pain or eye fatigue, there is a special type of VR-Headset like device which can be worn as and when required. With various modes like vibration mode, heat mode, music mode etc, you can actually get exactly what you want. Scientifically, the only way these devices help is by massaging your ocular muscles and improving the blood supply of that region.


If your work involves continuously gluing your eyes to the screen or if your eyes are strained by the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your eyes is give them a relaxing massage. With high frequency vibrations, you can treat and rejuvenate your eyes within a span of few minutes. Some people have gone to the extent of calling these eye massagers ‘just short of heavenly’.

Reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness

While there are a gazillion medical and genetic reasons why you have dark circles, one of the obvious reasons is that the under-eye skin is very thin and therefore it appears darker due to the closer vicinity of blood vessels to skin.

The evident way in which this eye massager works is by improving blood flow, therefore relaxing you as well as reducing dark circles and under-eye puffiness. However, one must understand that the results will not be salon-like. You won’t get any instant radiance but if you are consistent, you can expect lasting and steady improvement. This is more like an investment in mutual funds with long-term returns.

Enhances Absorption of Eye Creams

If you use eye creams and haven’t had many positive results, you can try using a massager to enhance absorption and uptake of these creams by the skin.

Reduce Wrinkles

Since an eye massage increases blood flow, it eventually tightens the skin and thus aids in reducing those wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Use Them?

Well, most of them are battery operated and quite simple to use. The temperature is pretty comfortable, so it won’t get very hot at any time. Nevertheless, you should check the temperature once before applying it close to the eye directly. If you use eye creams, first wash your face and apply your regular eye cream. If you are using a handheld massager, start from the outer portion of the eye and move toward the center. Start with small circular motion as you approach closer. The whole process won’t take more than 3-5 minutes and yet provides you with additional benefits of vibration and heating effect. If you are new to this & are struggling to find a good eye massager, you can definitely check out RESHÉ’s eye massager. Let us know if you have any comments or questions on eye massagers & we’ll be happy to help!